In The Wake Of The Tennesse Tornados

Tennesse has seen great devastation and despair in the aftermath of the great tornados that touched down in 4 counties earlier this month. With winds up to 175mph, the devastating funnels tore through Middle Tennesse hitting Putnam County the hardest. It also left what is estimated to be up to 50 miles of damage across Davidson, Wilson and Smith Counties. 

The first tornado has been reported to have touched down in Camden in Benton County which is located 80 miles east of Nashville. It then moved destructively across the Tennesse River gaining power and force, heading for Nashville in the middle of the night. It then touched down over John C. Tune Airport in Nashville and destroyed 90 aircraft and destroyed various airport structures. Because of its late night/early morning arrival, many were not prepared for the intensity of the storm. Many were also left with little time to seek protection for themselves and family members. There have been many deaths in the wake of this tragedy as well as the loss of many homes and belongings. Now with disaster relief efforts in motion, volunteers and different organizations have begun to work toward repairing the broken cities, towns, and counties. 

Disaster Relief Efforts

Organizations like SBP (originally The St. Bernard Project) utilize the help and support of donors like Dumpster Today, volunteers and corporate partners to provide resilience and recovery after a disaster. Zack Rosenberg and Liz McCartney founded their organization in 2006 after volunteering disaster relief aid with the St Bernard Parish in Louisana following Hurricane Katrina. They have grown from a 3 person organization into a National Organization headquartered in New Orleans. They are also a recognized leader in disaster recovery and aim to decrease the time between the disaster and its recovery. The organization has helped to rebuild 2,140 homes and counting with the aid of over 130,000 volunteers in various states struck by natural disasters.

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